• 100% natural diamond
  • 30- day return policy
  • Life time enhancement warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Gemological certification for the diamond including appraisal
  • Option for Jewelry certification including appraisal
  • Elegant jewelry box
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Lifetime Warranty

We believe in simplicity- that is just how we do business, here we will specify all our store policy- NO small letters, No vague terms.

Lifetime Warranty

Every clarity enhanced diamond we supply includes a lifetime guarantee for the diamond enhancement. This lifetime guarantee is our proof of how confident we are of the durability of the proprietary diamond enhancement process we use.

The diamond enhancement is prone to damage only under extreme conditions which include application of direct heat of over 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit), or direct contact with strong acids. Both of these conditions should never be encountered during regular usage, being dangerous and potentially lethal to the person wearing the diamond as well.

In the unlikely case the diamond enhancement is damaged, we will gladly restore the enhancement to the diamond at no charge - no questions asked. The enhancement can be re-applied to the diamond numerous times, with the same beautiful results every time.

Terms And Conditions

The lifetime guarantee is applicable to the diamond enhancement itself alone. Upon exercise of the guarantee, the enhancement will be re-applied to the diamond provided by the guarantee holder.

The guarantee does not cover damage which is not specific to the enhancement material itself. Events such as losing the diamond or physical damage to the diamond itself are of course not covered.

The guarantee is given to the original owner of the diamond upon display of a receipt of purchase from either high-quality-diamonds.com.com or one of our licensed distributors. If the diamond owner changes and the guarantee is needed to be transferred to a new owner, please notify us in advance.

Upon exercise of the guarantee, the diamond will have to be shipped (in loose form) to one of our lab locations, where the enhancement will be re-applied. Re-application of the enhancement will not incur any charge. The owner of the diamond exercising the guarantee will cover shipping costs.

The guarantee can be exercised numerous times during the time period of a lifetime. In the event the guarantee is exercised upon malicious and intentional damage to the enhancement, we reserve the right to cancel the guarantee after three applications.